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How to get your api key for GPSCF Pro mobile application?

You need an api key to use GPSCF Pro mobile application.

First visit to create a project for your key.

Enter a name as you want for your project and click the button CREATE. You will see a notification on the right about status of creating of your project. Wait until it completes.

You should see a select button on top of the page like this:

Click the project select button on the right and a dialog will appear listing your projects. Make sure that your newly created project is selected (has a check sign on the left). If your new project is not selected click the name of your project to select and enter your project details.

When you click your projects name you normally see a page listing project members where you will see your account on the list. You don't need to do anything on this page.

Open the navigation menu on the top left of page and click APIs & Services.

You should see a page with some empty graphs and a list of apis below these graphs. Over the graphs and next to the page title click the button ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES

This will direct you to another page where you can find many apis. You can see map related apis under the section "Maps".

Click Maps JavaScript API to enter its page and click ENABLE button to activate this api.

You should also repeat this step for Places API after finding it in the Maps section of apis.

When you enable these apis you will return to a report page where you will see some empty charts. You will also see some tabs and filter inputs over the page like this:

Open the Credentials tab and then click the Create credentials button to open a list of options:

Click the first option API key and a window will open to show you your newly generated api key.

Your api key will be different and private to your account and project. Please copy your api key and keep secret in a safe place without sharing with anyone else. If needed you may want to share your api key only with your trusted parties like your family members or company workers, drivers etc. Remember that they can also get their own private keys using the steps described in this article so you actually don't need to share your api key with anyone. Its your responsibiliy to keep your api key.

Click CLOSE to close this window and return to your list of Credentials where you will see your newly generated api key. You can also copy your key from this page. Copy or save this api key which will be used for GPSCF Pro application.

You may want to set api restrictions for your api key to allow only required apis to be used by your api key. For this click edit icon next to your api key on credential list and switch to API restrictions tab. Select Maps JavaScript API and Places API to add to the list and click Save.

Once you have generated your api key and added required restrictions, now you need to increase usage quota for your api key. 

Click Quotas tab next to Credentials and find quota list just below the chart. 

Click the edit icon next to the Map loads per day quota which will open a window. Click the link enable billing for this project to increase your maximum limit. This will take you to another page where you can link a billing account for your project. 

Google gives 200$ free credit each month for your api usage and that is fairly enough for personal use of GPSCF Pro application. You can see details about free monthly credit in this page:

You can track your usage statistics and transaction reports in google cloud website.

Finally open GPSCF Pro application on your device and go to the Settings page from menu to enter your api key and continue using the application.

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